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Grant Awarded To St Joseph's RC Primary School

St Joseph's school applied for a grant in September to help develop the school library collection by buying STEM based books which explore science, technology, engineering, maths, global issues, culture and diversity.

The children helped to select the new titles and were delighted to explore them in the classroom. Here are some comments from them :

"I really like the pictures and love the environment, so this book was perfect for me" (What a Waste)

"I love this book because it teaches me to be better at computer coding" (Python Coding)

"I love the illustrations and all the facts about the Earth" (What a Waste)

"I loved the book because it gives you amazing facts that you don't already know" (Big Science Ideas)

"I think this book is really cool and interesting, I like how the illustrator uses cartoons to explain facts!" (What DNA Is)

"It gives you loads of cool facts, and I want to be a builder when I grow up" (How Was That Built)

"The book I liked is about history and politics because you learn so much about it" (Politics for Beginners)

"Good facts! I loved pages 294-295 which has good illustrations about space. 5 Star!" (Timeline of Everything)


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