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The Official Opening of Morris's Café - 9th April 2022

We had an official opening for renaming the cafe after our beloved 'Morris', who died last year. Andrew Stevenson MP was kind enough to come along and join the ceremony, along with members of Morris's family.

Morris had been connected with the Robert Windle's Foundation and the Old Grammar School Earby since the 1970’s. .He was a great asset to the foundation with his depth of knowledge on the Grammar School itself and his enthusiastic personality making him a valuable member of the trustee team.

On the photo left to right is Jennifer Beckwith, Stella Bingham and Margaret Brown (Trustees), Andrew Stevenson MP, Molly Clouston (Morris's sister), Julia Snell (Morris's niece), Rebbecca Rice (Morris's Great Niece), Euan Clouston (Morris's Nephew).

Fabulous food by Lidia Zadziorska (Trustee)

Gorgeous cakes and scones by Stella Bingham (Trustee).

wooden cafe sign from Venn Products of Skipton


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