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As you would have read in the ‘about page’  Robert Windle Foundation was created to provide help with education for the youth (under 24 years of age) of the ancient parish of Thornton-in-Craven, which includes Thornton, Earby, Kelbrook and Harden.

The foundation runs The Old Grammar School fundraising group on Facebook, which is asking for donations of useful items and furniture from local residents in order to raise monies for the charity. The proceeds from the Facebook fundraising group is helping to cover the cost of the major repairs that need carrying out at the Grammar School and is also creating a funding pot for local schools and non-profit groups that request financial help with educational related activities.

The foundation is now in a position to accept bids up to a maximum of £200 from our local schools and non profit groups, all we ask in return is that you send us a photo of the item/s has been bought within a 6 week period of you receiving the grant. Schools and groups outside of the Ancient Parish of Thornton-in-Craven can apply, so long as they have some children/members from Thornton, Earby or Kelbrook in attendance. (EITHER A SCHOOL OR PTA CAN APPLY EACH MONTH, BUT NOT BOTH AT THE SAME TIME).

Groups that apply must be a non profit organisation with a bank account in the name of the group.

The Grant funding forms are below, please print off the relevant form and return by post to The Old Grammar School, School Lane, Earby, Barnoldswick. Lancashire BB18 6QF. Or photograph/scan the completed form and email it to us at

Terms and Conditions

Please note that on receipt of this amount you have agreed to fulfil the funding criteria stipulated by the Foundation. Within a period of 6 weeks:

  • Please send a picture of any equipment purchased/activity undertaken with a brief description of what you have bought and why, so we can copy and paste this to our website with the photos you have sent.


Individual children’s names should not be included, as these will be uploaded to our website so we can share your good news with our funders. Children need not be included in any photographs, but please ensure that if they are, then parental permission has been given.

Read about all the Grants we have given out on our Newspage!

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