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The Earby Guide Stoop

This is an important and rare example of a Guide Stoop.

In 1697/8 King William set a statute for "stoopes to be sett up in cross highways” for the guidance of travellers. These had to have the next market town displayed. However in 1738 he decreed that the mileage should also be added, so this would date this stoop to before that date. The original location of this stoop is thought to have been on the old trackway from Skipton to Colne known as Long Lane, possibly near to the lost hamlet of Bawhead from where another track went towards Blackburn via Salterforth. The Stoop has been moved on several occasions and was placed here in the Grammar School for safe keeping in 1997. Two replicas were made, one is off Bawhead Road in Earby, which was mistakenly thought to be its original location, and the other is sited at the bus station.

Further information is available in the Grammar School. Or for more information contact Earby and District Local History Society via the web site

The Guide stoop being lowered in place 1997. Left Trevor Tattersall Right Morris Horsefield

The Guide stoop, with Mines Museum exhibits.

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