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Men In Sheds

Have you thought of joining a “Men in Sheds” group ?

We the trustees of Robert Windle’s Foundation are considering starting a new group at the Old Grammar School, Earby, in Spring/summer 2020.

We would like more people from the local community to share our wonderful building, while we already have a weekly craft group which is mainly attended by ladies we wanted to do something for the menfolk.

We would like to know if anyone is interesting in joining such a group. It’s a great way for men to find new friends, learn a new skill or dust off an old one, play cards or dominos etc .

Or just come along for a chat and a brew. Whatever, you would like to do.

We offer - tea, coffee and biscuits, a small workshop and large garden (we don’t expect you to do the gardening we have that covered). All we want in return is a small donation towards the cost of the refreshments.

Please follow the link below to find out about the men in sheds organisation

If you would like to know more or to express an interest please get in touch via our contact page

Or ring Margaret on 07879447438

If enough people are interested we will organise an inaugural meeting in April 2020 to discuss how the group is to be set up/run.

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