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Newsletter April 2021

Dear All

Following on from our recent trustees meeting we would like to thank everyone who has donated or bought goods from our Facebook fundraising group or assisted in anyway with our work at the Old Grammar School, for Robert Windle's Foundation.

Thanks to your help we have now raised enough money to start the building work to widen the gate, rebuild the outside retaining wall, redo the car park surface and replace all the broken flags along the driveway. We hope to have this work done before summer. This will make it much safer to drive in and out of the premises and get rid of the trip hazards in the carpark and driveway. Unfortunately we have now found out that the roof will require a lot of work in the next year or two, so we are now saving up to have that done. The work never ends with such a fragile, though beautiful Grade 2* listed building. We feel that it is well worth the effort to keep it in good order for the local community.

At the meeting we discussed the giving out of grants and decided that we would like to restart giving them out again as long as we are able to, so to start with we will be giving out a maximum of 3 grants a month of £150.00 to any school or non profit youth group, in the local area. For details, further information and how to apply please visit our grants page.

To help raise funds we are looking into opening the Grammar School 2 – 3 times a week as a shop selling second hand items and to run a small tea room alongside. We have had a few enquiries from people who are interested in helping and look forward to welcoming them in. If you or anyone else you know would like to be part of the team please get in touch either via Facebook, the website contact page or email. We will not be able to fully open the Grammar School until the Government allows us to once the Covid situation is such that we can do so safely.

Once we are allowed to reopen as normal we hope to restart our usual activities too.

So once again a big thank you to everyone who has helped in any way. It means a lot to us that local people want to help and support us.

Kind Regards from all the Trustees


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