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Spreading A Little Christmas Cheer !

We are absolutely delighted that we've been able to do something special this year..

Our fundraising group on Facebook has been doing really well, we’ve had some amazing items donated this year. We have also started to open the doors on a Friday afternoon to our 'charity and coffee shop' which has been a fabulous success.

Unusually not many schools or non profit groups have been applying for grants from us, probably because everyone’s so busy and understaffed from the dreadful pandemic we are going through..(to apply for a grant click here) So we decided to send to 10 schools in the area, a cheque each for £150 to spread a little Christmas cheer.

Thank you to everyone who has bought and donated items, you are the ones that have made this possible. We take any household items and gifts, if you have any items you no longer need please donate to us, so we can carry on helping the local community.

If you would like to become a volunteer and join our team, please please get in touch, we are in need of more help so we can open up our doors on other days, we also need help with the selling group. contact us here!

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and an excellent New year.

From all the trustees of Robert windle's foundation.


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